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NEW Exhibition in the Three Woodcocks building

Terrain: Plateau Native Art & Poetry

Below is a gallery displaying some of our student’s work

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Moccasins and Beadwork
Candace Aldrich
Horse Medallion
Sierra Webster
Theresa Bryant
Sandblast Etching
Lori Sebestin
Linoleum Print
Krystal Poirier
Sierra Webster
Candace Aldrich
Beaded DreamCatcher
Candace Aldrich
D'arcy Ellis
Mixed Media
Lori Sebestin
Square Sally Bag
Quinton Decker
Marcy Mead
Cornhusk Bag
Lori Sebestin
Horse Beadwork
Artist Unknown
Sally Bag
Annie Evans
Monoprint Black Bird
Quinton Decker